Welcome to Jack's Mini Network.

I have worked on many projects; ones available are on the projects page.

This includes a newer version of LaserTank that works on modern systems and that is cross platform.

I'm also working on Tomb Raider modding and will be introducing an account system on the website.

The purpose of this account system is to allow people to do the following:

This account will work for any other games I support in the future.

If someone has it enabled that you need a community account in the server configuration then you won't be able to connect to that server without an account. Public servers will require an account and if you consistently abuse rules of the mainstream servers you might be banned from all mainstream servers.

If you are banned from mainstream servers this doesn't stop you connecting to other peoples servers or privately hosted servers.

Using a community account will also allow servers to store data based off your account so you could resume progress depending on the server. An example of this is your weapons and ammo.